Possibilities are that you may be using a multi-domain cPanel hosting, and you might not know it. On the other day I was discussing about the hosting plans at hostgator with a friend in the office who happened to have a baby plan hosting account at Hostgator. Baby plan allows individuals to install several websites on the same hosting account and he wasn’t aware of this and wanted to buy a new hosting account at hostgator for his new website. While I was clearing to him why he does not require new hosting account, I comprehended my blog visitor might not be aware of this option at hostgator already.

To begin with, a lot of reputed shared hosting organisations allows you to have more than one website on your one hosting account. That shows with one account you could have 5, 10 and more websites.

For instance Bluehost, InMotionHosting, Hostgator to name a few. In this overview, I will be using Hostgator as an instance as well as revealing you just how you can add an existing domain name to your Hostgator hosting. The process will be very same for virtually all others cPanel hosting.

Bluehost, InMotionHosting, Hostgator to call a couple of. In this review, I will be making use of Hostgator as a example and  in addition to disclosing you exactly how you could include another domain name in a existing Hostgator hosting account. The procedure will be similar for almost all cPanel hosting.

In my case, I have in fact bought a .com domain from Godaddy for $1.99 as well as already upgraded the Nameserver to intend to my Hostgator hosting. You could login to your HostGator hosting account as well as obtain your name-server near the bottom left side. I presume that you already have a domain obtained from a different domain name registrar, as well as you have in fact changed the Name-server of the domain name to suggest your Hosting account.

Adding  Addon Domain name taking advantage of cPanel on Hostgator:

Normally, this review uses on any type of web-hosting company  that offers cPanel hosting. cPanel is among one of the most normal hosting control panel that you acquire with all beginning level hosting companies.

Login to your Hostgator cPanel and click addon domain names under domain names section.


On the addon domain names page, enter your domain in the New domain name section. It will ask you to choose a password for your FTP login. You could furthermore change the default location of your domain name.

For tech info: On a shared hosting, your websites are kept in a directory under/ public_html/ and the files of your main domain name lives under/ public_html/.

Here is my screenshot:


Click the add domain name to finish the procedure and on following screen, it will disclose that your domain name is added and in addition to it a new FTP username would be established. Bear in mind to duplicate and save your FTP login details.

That’s it, and now you have in fact included another domain name to your multi-domain webhosting. Now you can establish WordPress or do any type of impressive work with your brand-new domain on existing hosting account.