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Welcome to GetOnlineBuddy (GOB)! This not just another blogging, it’s a community of likeminded BLOGGERS. The Bloggers, who live with internet, eat with internet and sleep with Internet.

Here’s what you can gain from

  • Absolutely practical guidance on How to blog and Plan your Blogging Business.
  • Practical tips on How to make money by blogging and earn money by just blogging.
  • The tips and How To’s is not just limited to certain type of blogs. It is appropriate for everyone and anybody can start a blog in just few minutes.
  • Tips on SEO, SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING, PPC etc. primarily focuses on teaching or help the beginners who wants to learn how to blog and optimize their webpages in Google and earn some decent money. It also focuses on SEO, Social Media Marketing, WordPress websites, Affiliate Marketing.  But Get Online Buddy will talk exclusively on HOW TO BLOG AND PLAN YOUR BLOGGING BUSINESS.

A short note about me:

Hi, I am Arjunan and I am the man behind this blog. I learnt Digital Marketing from a very experienced person called SURESH BABU who has hands on experience on DIGITAL MARKETING for about 15 years, and hence I will do my best to keep up his teachings and I try to give best content for my readers. My main motive of blogging is simple, I just want to give clear, concise and compelling lessons, tips and guidance on blogging, SEO, Social Media Marketing, WordPressAffiliate MarketingWebhosting etc. to the beginners and advanced learners.

Arjunan KS, Blogger at

Arjunan KS, Blogger at

You see, when it comes to content on the Web Pages or Blog Posts, the bloggers face two possible outcomes and that is, “Obscurity and Neglect.”

Obscurity: It is when the content is dead and buried under billions of webs pages.

Neglect: It is when someone actually finds your content but more likely to ignore or abandon it altogether.

This is simply because, either your content is in bad shape or you may not have done proper SEO to your posts.

Don’t worry, just follow my blogs or blog post, you will get a hang on it and I promise you will emerge as ultimate thought leader in SEOSocial Media Marketing, PPC or as a whole DIGITAL MARKETER EXPERT.


Turning Bloggers into Super Bloggers:

The advent of digital age, everyone wants to know or get answer to their one life changing question: “How to be a thought leader and bring more followers.”

Well, your question is answered here – GetOnlineBuddy.Com!

Whatever field you are expert, GetOnlineBuddy Blogs, tips, and guidance will help and encourage by triggering your interests and build followers by blogging and build relationships with followers, readers who are interested in what you like to say.

The world will lend their ears to listen to your words!

What do I offer?

I provide expert consultation on WordPress website building, SEO, PPC, and Digital Marketing as a whole.

Why you need me?

I help you to simplify your blogging activities so that you get more followers and become a ProBlogger!

About Me and GetOnlineBuddy!

You cannot say or you may not know exactly where you want to be as a Blogger! So let’s put it this way up – Blogging is so difficult that they live through agonies of failures and discourages. Bloggers deserve the right platform to climb up straight to the heaven.

The truth here is simple, as a blogger, I say there is no magic formula or the methods to write a blog posts. I believe, nobody can teach you “How to Blog? There is no manuals, no clear modules. But what correlates what I said in above two lines is that every blogger forges a private way, sets personal rules, develops individual techniques which can be shared and taught to those of you who want to be a BLOGGER. A blogger learns to pursue the craft of blogging through his/her blogging experience.

With my love for all the books and a passion to write, I help bridge the gap between budding bloggers and their followers or readers and help them to build his or her readership base and become a PROBLOGGER!

In the beginning month of the year 2001; I turned 13 years old, at that time I was admitted in a new school in Bangalore. This is the place where I started having inclinations towards the world of stories and ultimately turned into a writing spree.

I am guessing you know by now that I like to write and that I love to share the PROBLOGGING TIPS [I hope…]

Until the age 13, I never had habit of reading stories or writing a story. On one fine Monday morning (I vaguely remember the date) I had been taken to a library. It was there the magic happened to me; I picked up a book which I don’t remember the title or the name of the author of that book which I picked it up to read but I remember the cover of the book – the cover had a beautiful image of a boy holding a bottle green kite.

I liked the cover of the book and went on to read and I found it very easy and understandable. And I feel that gave me inspiration to read more books. My friends and my family noticed a sudden change in my behavior and started asking me to tell the stories I read. And this gave me an idea of writing and eventually become a habit. After all there is nothing quite as remarkable as seeing a flash of inspiration grow and evolve into something unique. So this is where, I bring GetOnlineBuddy.Com!

Like I said, GetOnlineBuddy (GOB) is not just another BLOG, it’s a community where people learn how to blog, How to SEO, How to Market their content etc. hassle free.

So suppose,let’s say that you have built a BLOG and consistently posting content in your blog, but promoting your blog – that’s not easy.

Promoting the blog is a holy grail to any Blogger. And reaching the right audience with the right content has been a long dream of a Blogger. After all, what purpose it serves you if you have good quality content in your blog but nobody bothers to see or read them?

That’s whereGetOnlineBuddy.Com comes in rescue. My aim is to look into the bloggers necessities and offer an exceptional pro tips and guidance that will help any blogger to promote and write more content and build a loyal readership base.

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