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You have designed your dream blog. You have spent endless hours in developing and designing your blog. But did you get the price for your hard work. Yes, it’s time to leverage your hard work and let others visit your blog by doing simple SEO works on your blog.

The time of, you build it and they will come to know is over, today is the time that you need to make them know. This is often misused conception in the search engine world or industry. The reality SEO is to give the gentle kick to get the most anticipated traction. SEO is not “Let it happen” it is about “Make it happen.” Whether you want to get traffic or sales or simple recovery in the ranking etcetera, all applies the same method – that is SEO.

SEO is an ocean of digital marketing. SEO can be classified into four key pillars, that is,

  • Research.
  • Technical.
  • Creative.
  • And outreach.

In this blog post, you will learn about the basic methods involved in SEO which includes how to find your target searchers online and how to improve the organic search (hopefully). Let’s begin.

In this blog post, you will learn about the basic methods involved in SEO which includes how to find your target searchers online and how to improve the organic search (hopefully). Let’s begin.

Step One: Research:

To form an SEO strategy for your blogs, you must know what people are searching for your business and how they are searching using Google or any other search engines.

Keyword research is very essential because, it will help you understand your audience better on how they search online; it helps you understand how to structure your site better and lastly, you will know what type of content that you need to post on a regular basis.

Keyword research is an interesting and extremely tiring topic (because you at least need four to five hours to find the right keyword). Keyword research is not possible without the right and handful of free tools.

So let’s talk about the keyword research tools:

There are hundreds of tools available online, some are free tools and some are paid tools. In this section I have picked the best tools for you to get started with the SEO.

GoogleKeywordResearchTool:This is the most widely used keyword research tool across the globe. This tool will give you the trendiest and most widely used search query that you can target for your blog and the search volumes for the search query.

GetStatSearchAnalytics: This is a paid tool available for about $500 per month but trust me it is equally strong like Google Keyword Tool planner. This software helps you to get the search volume along with the daily updates of the search engine ranking data and the search metrics which helps you to analyze and improve your SEO strategy for your blog posts or the web pages.

KeywordTool: This tool is the best alternative keyword tool next to Google keyword planner. Simply because of the following reasons;

  • It has both free and paid version. It is the most convenient form of generating the keyword ideas. This tool can generates and suggests up to more than 750+ long tail keywords for every search term.
  • If you combine it with getstat tool, it gives you awesome keyword ideas for every search term. And more over this tool is reliable and works up to 99.9% of time.
  • This tool can be used even without creating an account and for free.

MozKeywordDifficulty:  This is a widely used tool across the globe. This tool provides you a comprehensive search volume and competitive analysis for every keyword phrases. Moz software helps you to analyze your keyword phrases and helps you to focus on the best keywords for the maximum effects and lastly to analyze your competitors keywords.

So here are the best keyword tools that the most of the popular bloggers use. Give it a try to these tools and kick start your SEO journey. (The links above are just for you to help, those are not affiliate links).

Know your Search Market:

From your research data, use it to your pages and blog posts. The best keyword that you have picked up during your keyword research, you must consider the specific places to place the keyword in your content. (Use the SEO category Links here or the specific content of keyword placement)

And to further strengthen you’re your content, you must consider linking your content internally like placing “Related Posts” at the bottom or in the Sidebar or within the content itself. But remember the links must be natural and it should be relevant to the current article that the reader is reading.

SEO is an ocean of digital marketing.


Step Two: Technical:

In modern SEO the sites technical aspects are important. Site speed, page size, server errors, and broken links are important and cannot be taken very lightly because these things will determine the search ranking for your website or blog.  But first let us see how you can monitor your site.

  1. Search Console: This is a Google product. Earlier it was named as Google Webmasters Tools. This is a one stop platform to monitor your site or blog. Search console will give you all the details that you need to check with respect to site speed, error reports, crawl and content errors, 404 page not found errors, server errors, who is linking to your site, when was your site was crawled by Google Bot etc. This is a powerful tool that Google has ever built for the sake of monitoring your sites.

Check every day to these aspects. Check your search traffic section regularly for the maximum SEO optimization for your blog. For the benefit of bloggers,GoogleSearchConsolesupport has given a few guidelines on how to use the search console.

Maintain your blog or website regularly:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is constant, consistent and continuous process.  There are many things should be considered when maintaining your blog or website that is, page speed, and all the above mentioned factors. Page speed is important among all other because, it is also a ranking factor – so paying attention to it when maintaining your blog is essential.

Secondly, when it comes to maintaining your blog, you need to consider your site structure because a lot can be said for the SEO Friendly URL Structure. (Write another blog post on Site structure).

“To form an SEO strategy for your blogs, you must know what people are searching for your business and how they are searching using Google or any other search engines.”

Step Three: Creative:

The infamous piece of advice to rank better in Google is to have good quality and unique content and leave it that way. Nope, there is so much more to SEO than writing a unique and quality blog post. Many bloggers think that it is the content that attracts more traffic but that’s not the truth, the truth is to have good SEO compliant website or blogs. But of course, quality and unique content supports your SEO strategy.

On June 17th, 2014, Rand Fishing, CEO of Moz,tweetedonthepoorlydesignedblogs: “Dear ugly websites with compelling value propositions, this is you.” and then he attached an ugly image with the caption saying, “Free Hugs.”

In one of the tweet comments, he has said: “In general, those sites probably weren’t “Ugly” but more “functional.” I’ve seen the same thing.” This tweet probably mean that, the website or blogs should have compelling value propositions and it should be able to solve a problem for its readers and more importantly it should add value to its readers in a unique way. You can bring more traffic to your blogs by simply adding useful blog articles and in a pleasing manner to convey the message to the readers.

Kick Start Your SEO Journey.


Design your blog that your competitor has forgotten to design:

Just randomly search related to your field of blogging, and find out, do they really cater to the needs of its reads? Find out what they have missed on their blog? It not difficult to create a compelling blog post as long as you have a compelling blog design, for instance, take a look at Elegantthemesblog, most of the blog post are simple and fulfills the needs of their readers or the audience.

Have a content strategy:

If you are writing better blog posts and solve your readers cut-throat problems, your readers will definitely reward you by sharing it in the their social media. But how do you what your readers need? It’s simple, research in social media and find out what they are talking about with their close friends and conduct a survey using Google consumer surveys and this will give you a full and detail knowledge on what your readers need.

To know better what your audience really sharing buzzsumois the right place to understand this. It is superb platform to track you blog performance and find out what’s being shared regularly. If you understand what your audiences are interested to share, you get an idea on what to write and you’re your content and easy to write content on that topic.

Step Four: Outreach:

Celebrities, Politicians, Authors etc., outreach is an absolute requirement.  And among them, bloggers and their blog too need the outreach. Outreach is a part of the marketer’s job. If you have written something really valuable to your readers, then you need to spread the awareness about your article to them. You need to find the expert contributors or the expert influencers to do the magic.

You can use Twitter to get this work done early. You can find some influential twitters and ask for their help to spread the news about your article you have written. They may write a tweet about your article to their 1000 and 1000’s of followers. And this would bring some real and potential visitors to your blog.

The other way is to the bloggers in your niche and asks for their help, they may write an article related to your article and link it to your article and thus brings another set of 1000 visitors to your blog.

If you are trying to find some influencers on twitter, try Followerwonk. This is tool helps you to find top influencers in your field.  Once you found the best possible influencers to publicize your article, it time to find their contact details, use “The Rapportive” extension for GMAIL which helps you to find the contact details through social media networks. And tool like All My Tweets”helps you to find the best twitter profile.

Once you have done finding the right influencers, it time to promote your content and Buzzstream is a sure try.

The final thoughts:

The wonderful thing about SEO is you can learn by experimenting. SEO is not a method to promote your content in search engines, it more than a ordinary technical discipline and you must follow it every walk of blogging life. SEO is the chain of market research, creative and outreach. Like I said, it cannot be learnt in just one day, it is a habit and you must practice every day to grow your blog into full-fledged blogging business.

This four pillar of SEO might not help you today or tomorrow but definitely will help you to take your blog in the long run, and if you anything to say about the general practice and the SEO habits , you can leave it the comment section below.


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