Five tips for a better blogging


To be a writer, you should read lots and lots of books. Likewise, to be a blogger, you should read lots and lots of blogs.

The early history of blogging dates back to in the year 1990 where people actively took part in maintaining their personal diaries. Among them, Justin Hall is one of the early bloggers who has blogging for eleven years since 1994 while he was a student at Swarthmore College.


Okay let’s keep this short history in mind and let’s talk about how to be a better blogger because today blogging has cut throat competition and if you do not maintain certain qualities, you will be out the blogging game.

So, let me give you simple five tips on how to be better blogger:

Tip #1:

Make your content more visible that is, if your readers can’t see the content without scrolling, that means your featured image or any other kind of banner is too big. Your readers don’t come to your blog to see your banners or your featured images on your blog. So, make your title and the description more visible and intimidating which makes the readers to scroll down and read further. I recommend, setting the featured image or any other kind banner to 800*600 pixel resolutions.

Tip #2:

If you are starting out, write short posts. Maybe around 750 words would be ideal. Of course, the longer posts are helpful and advisable but you can save those long form blog articles for the special occasions where there will be more traffic. For example, post your long form blog article at the time of a festival season or on a black Friday day.

Why short posts, because people want to get the information and get out. That is, they don’t have time to read your long blog articles, they just want to know the juice of the article and move on. By doing this way, you will have practice of writing and you will be able to understand what your readers are looking for and you can improve on it.


“It is good if you have a gym to develop your blog every day, but unfortunately there is no gym to develop your blog.”

Tip #3:

Your blog should be readable and look good. Avoid funky colors; they are not good for the serious readers. Use italics wherever necessary. Use one standard font and size. Because, you may have used one standard font and size but it may change form one browser to another browser, so check your font and font size on multiple computers.

Make your font to change when the readers are visiting your blog through their mobile or tablet in short, make your font and font size responsive.

Tip #4:

This tip is pretty straight forward one; you don’t need much explanation on it.  Update your blog at least two or three times a day; because if your blog isn’t updated on a regular basis, your readers will not return to your blog.


Tip #5:

Don’t use any kind of music to greet your readers who visit your blog because it might freak out your readers.  They are not visiting your blog to listen to your favorite music but to read your blog, they need some information.  Music is not standard, what you like to listen, your reader may not like to listen.

Suppose you use a Hans Zimmer instrumental music on your blog and when your reader visit your blog, they listen to your music but imagine that they are in an office or in a public setting and they don’t want the public to watch them what they are reading. Blog is meant to silent.

A few extra suggestions:

Have a good about page; choose a title or a tag line to your blog which helps the reader to know what the blog is about. Make your blog more humanize by adding some photos. Help the reader to contact you if they find any trouble by adding email address or even a phone number easily available. Apart from these “Content is important” make sure you write good informative content where your readers find it useful.

How to be better blogger, it’s really simple to master it;

  • Blog late or early.
  • You can blog while you travel ( this post was written when I was travelling from Bangalore to Mumbai)
  • Blog when you re free or on a holiday.
  • Blog even when your friends call for a party.
  • Blog when you’re on a bus to office.
  • Blog when your children are in school.
  • Blog when your wife is in office.
  • Blog when your spouse is long asleep.
  • Blog even your spouse divorces you. (Oh! That’s harsh, just kidding)
  • Blog even when the world asks you to stop blogging.
  • And Blog when you are mad at something.


Few advanced tips to become a better blogger:

It is good if you have a gym to develop your blog every day, but unfortunately there is no gym to develop your blog.  And new bloggers think it can be mastered in one blog post, unfortunately that’s not the way the blogging works. It is like you go to a gym and you come out with six pack abs. To tighten your tummy and to get six pack abs to peek out, you need to work out daily; same way, you need to work out your blogging ritual daily to master blogging. Here is the simple formula that I follow;

“To be a better bloggers is every new bloggers dream. To be a better blogger, you need to create to be found.”

Here are my advanced tips to mastering your blogging ritual:

  1. Blog is you, commit to blog regularly:

Invest some money in getting a self-hosted WordPress blog site. Of course there are numerous free blogging sites where you can start blogging at no cost at all. But I suggest you go for a premium WordPress blog site because it will look more professional.  If you don’t know how to set up a blog site, I am sure this post will help you to set up the blog site for yourself. Once you set up the blog site, it’s time to install some cool design so that it looks great when your reader visits your blog. To do that you need to install a theme in your blog site. I suggest Elegant Themes, Extra Theme because I am using these themes and it is super cool to use and it is SEO friendly by installing the free pluggin called WordPress SEO by Yoast.

  1. Spend some time to write:

You need to write every day to be a better blogger. You need to spend some time to write which is the part of the blogging commitment.  Write at least two to three blog posts per week or if you could write multiple blog posts every day, it is even better but one important thing to remember here is to maintain the consistency. That is, suppose you write and post 5 blog posts and you don’t post any blog posts next day or next week, and one day you write and post 15 blog posts. What happens here is that your reader would think that you are not organized, irregular updates etc.  So maintain consistency is important.

  1. Research Yourself:

What are the key factors that your blog is intended to teach your readers or your audience and what are the other key factors that act as a compliment to your primary key factors of your blog? Who is your targeted audience and where they are and what they want from your blog? The article that you are sharing with your intended audience, is it relevant to what they are looking for? Start and keep an online diary or a note book with you at all times, because you don’t know when you will get the idea for your blog post. Use this simple research process to generate blog ideas. A thorough research helps the bloggers to create quality content.

  1. Make commitment to create quality content:

Promise yourself to produce the most quality content. The bloggers who spend more time on crafting on the content are likely to produce more quality content.

To create a quality content, follow Google’s E-A-T where “E” stands for “Enterprise and Expertise”; letter “A” stands for “Authority” and lastly, letter “T” stands for “Trustworthiness.” The bloggers who follow this method are likely to get more traction and higher ranking.

  1. Spend more time on editing your content:

Spending more time on research will increase the chances of creating quality content, likewise spending more time in editing process will act as a compliment in creating a quality and increases the uniqueness of the content.

  1. Ask your readers:

If you understand your readers better, it gives better ideas to write for your readers.  A great method that most of the bloggers follow is by asking the readers through Twitter, Facebook, or in LinkedIn with catchy quote or headline. If there is more response to it, then it is probably a good topic to blog on.  This way it helps you to understand more over the time.

  1. You need to maintain an editorial calendar:

Why editorial calendar? Because it helps to be consistent and create better content; there are many tools that the most of the bloggers use. For instance, Google Drive and CoSchedule or Mass Planner etc., are the fantastic platforms to schedule your content to get published and promoted at the right time.

  1. Publish and promote:

Once you created the blog article, it’s time to promote your blog article. Use Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn, Podcast, video podcast etc. to promote your blog post.

All these are not going to make you rich overnight, it takes time to master it; Practice, practice, practice until you succeed and are consistent.

Just remember, whatever you write, it doesn’t matter how basic it is, there are people to read it but all you have to do is to create quality and unique content. Just add these tips then you are all set.

If you find any difficulties in implementing these tips or if you find any other methods or if you find it difficult even after implementing these tips, let me know in the comments.



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