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So, are you thinking of starting a blog? Then you have come to the right place. My ultimate goal is to teach you how to blog step by step and make you a successful blogger and the best part is, YOU DON’T REQUIRE ANY TECHNICAL SKILLS. I promise.

Let’s Begin!

I created this blog with zero knowledge of computer experience, so that means you can to make one like me. I took several days to learn how to set up a blog and actually started to blog. But I guarantee that you will be able to set it up in few hours.  This guide contains step – by – step instructions from purchasing your domain to installing WORDPRESS to starting your first blog, especially for those who want it in simple and easy formats and start off immediately.

Before we get into the actual guide to set up and start blogging, you need know first why start a blog?

Many experienced bloggers gives numerous reasons for this question, among them the popular ones are;


  1. It helps to make money while you are working from home. I generated some decent income just writing content on what I love to write or passionate about sitting at home. Isn’t it cool? Though it takes hard work, but just imagine how helpful the blog would be to you are thinking to get some extra income to keep yourself comfortable when the prices are so high and the best part is your family can be happy and you can enjoy your life more than anybody. That’s the power of BLOGGING.
  2. It helps you write better. Right form my childhood; I am thinking of writing a book but I was lacking prior knowledge in writing. I participated in essay contents, tapping some tips from mentors, reading books etc. nothing has helped me to improve my writing skills than blogging. Since I started blogging, it really helped in my writing proficiency over the years. The reason behind this is, writing mastery comes with constant practice and blogging is just the same way. The epic book, On Writing, written by Stephen King discusses how he stopped writing due to an accident and when he started again, the words aren’t flowing like before. So the inconsistency keeps you out of the keeps you out of the writing habit and blogging helps you to maintain your writing habits, in fact it strengthens your writing habits. The source:
  3. Blogging gives you more exposure to your existing business. A blog gives exposure to any individual or a company to reach wider audience at less cost.
  4. If you want to write, share your thoughts and experience with your audience and build your community and encourage others to blog. A blog is a great place to share your experience with others.

So imagine where you fit in and just imagine how a blog can benefit you. Then let’s get going.

The basic steps you will learn to start a blog:

What you will learn here are as follows:

  1. Choose what you should blog.
  2. Choose a blogging platform.
  3. Choose a website host.
  4. Choose a domain Name.
  5. Install WORDPRESS
  6. Last step, decide on the design and start blogging.


“The goal of a blogger is to be RESOURCEFUL to your readers or audience.”


Step 1: Choose what you should blog about:

If you have been running a business, a company or a organization, this step is easy to understand.  That is, your blog should be related to your products or services that you are offering or that you want to promote.

If you are an individual bloggers (Just like me) you have flexibility on choosing a topic to blog on. I explained this part on choosing what to blog about in another blog post, but the main points I am trying to stress here is,

  1. Blog about what you are passionate about or what you love to blog.
  2. Choose a blogging topic or niche where there is plenty of room for discussion( it helps to understand the blogging habits of the ProBlogger)
  3. Most importantly, you decide on a niche where you are more familiar to blog on it because it helps you to establish as an authoritative.

The goal of a blogger is to be RESOURCEFUL to your readers or audience.

Step 2: Choose a blogging Platform:

There are many blogging platforms that you can choose from. But sometimes, you may think, why I should spend some money when I could get it for free? But you should know that, the free version will only limit your learning and will give you less scope for learning after all you will pay what you choose.  And moreover, it is not that expensive, it’s a no brainer in my opinion.

Among the many popular blogging platforms that many ProBlogger or experienced bloggers use is the WORDPRESS.


Data Source:

Find more details in the content management surveys

I personally recommend WORDPRESS because of its flexibility, functionality and ease to build your website.  You will have a huge community available online to share tools and ideas. And of course, you can even have a WordPress without a blog, which is a WEBSITE.

Word of Caution:  WordPress has two different types; one with HOSTED and other with SELF – HOSTED.

Hosted:  The hosted WordPress blogs are many a times are referred as

Self – Hosted: These are often referred as (I highly recommend)

This is a step – by – step guide of the later, that is, type blogs.


Step 3: Choose a platform to host your blog:

A hosting service provider like BLUEHOST provides a space for you website or blog. In other words, it makes people easy to find your website or blogs on the Internet.

There are hundreds of hosting services available – perhaps thousands of hosting services are available to host your website or blog but why I recommend BLUEHOST, based on the past experience and research, I believe most of the experienced bloggers recommend and like BLUEHOST because of the following reasons;

  1. Support:

It has a great 24/7 tech support via phone, e-mail, or through chat. The support staff at BLUEHOST are quick, courteous and knowledgeable, trust me I have personally tested this out in one of my blog. And most importantly all the BLUEHOST support staff are locally located.

  1. They are RELIABLE:

It is reliable because, it has an average uptime of 99.924%. This shows how good that the BLUEHOST is at keeping their systems up and running.

  1. They are easy to use:

It is super easy to use, you can witness in the video below. In fact, you will regret for not using it before.


  1. The WordPress:

Quite interestingly WordPress officially recommends four hosting services and BLUEHOST stands first in the list. It currently hosts over 2 million websites and blogs.

  1. It has NO LIMITS:

Bluehost gives you unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth, and you can host unlimited or multiple blogs and websites in one account, and more over it allows you to host unlimited email accounts.


It is really inexpensive. You can own your website or blog with less than $4 to $6 depending upon the plan you choose. (Generally Bluehost Charges from $3.95 to $ 5.95 a month) Really, the longer you avail its services, cheaper it becomes.

  1. It adds VALUES:

Bluehost do not allow pornography, nudity and other adult content sites. This policy of Bluehost, it enforces and deletes the sites which violate this policy. Seriously, I do not like to host my website where pornographers host their websites, because I feel it degrades my website or blogs values. But surprisingly most of the popular hosting services allow pornography on their servers.

  1. Adds Value to your money:

It offers 30 day money back guarantee which is cool. I personally tested on one of my website and you will get it back within few hours and no questions asked.

If you agree, then click here to go to BLUEHOST website home page and once you are in Bluehost home page, click the get started now button.



Select Your Plan:

Once you click the get started now button, you will be taken to the plans page where you choose a plan and get started. I generally suggest my clients to go with the business plan but if you are starting out for the first time, I definitely suggest you to choose the standard hosting plan.


Step 4: Choose a DOMAIN NAME:

A domain name is anidentity to your website. You can have a website or an email with a domain name, but you cannot have a website or a blog or an email without a domain name. In simple, it is a web address, for instance, is my domain name.

You may or may not have a domain, here in this screen you can register your fresh domain name or you can register your already existing domain name.


If you already have a domain name choose “I already have a Domain Name” option and if you do not have domain name, you can register a new domain by choosing the “I want to buy a new Domain Name” option.

Note: don’t worry if you host your website elsewhere and choosing I already have Domain Name option will not mess up your current website or hosting. It only check your checks your account ownership.

Once you have filled in your new or already having Domain Name, click the green checkout button to get to the next step.

Enter your account info:

On the following page, enter your account information. Enter your current email address because this is where the Bluehost will send your account login details.


Select your Plan:

Under this section select your desired plan (choose a plan based on your budget) and proceed to payment. Please note, Bluehost bills one, two and three years at a time but you can choose how long you want. That is, you can even choose for a month, one year, two years or three years.


If you are a beginner, I suggest you to proceed with your payment options or else you are free to add Bluehost add- on at extra cost.  But I always advocate my clients to add “Domain Privacy Protection” irrespective of how proficiency you are in having website. What “Domain Privacy Protection does is it protects your website identity to anonymous website visitors like hackers etc.

Select your payment option and billing info:

Enter your payment option and billing information and check the “I agree to the terms and conditions” of Bluehost and you are good to go.


Once you click submit, you will be asked for any upgrades – SKIP that step. I usually skip it.  After completing your purchase, check your email from Bluehost for the C-panel or the control panel login credentials.

Once you receive your account login details, go back to Bluehost and login.


Select the hosting tab and enter your c-panel or control panel information that you received from the Bluehost. bluehost_login_page

Step 5:  Install WORDPRESS:

Once you are in your control panel, it’s time to install WORDPRESS. Click the WORDPREE icon under website builder’s option.


Start the WordPress installation process:

Once you clicked the WORDPRESS icon, the WordPress installation process starts. You will be taken to page similar to the image below. To begin the installation process, click green “Install” Button.


Choose where to install the WordPress:

The moment you clicked the “Install” button, you will be asked where to install the WordPress application on your website. Choose your domain name from the dropdown menu (if you are a first time website owner, you will have only one website will be showing). Leave the “Directory” field blank as it will create a subdomain, unless you want to and click check Domain button.  It looks similar to the image below.


Fill in your WordPress user information:

Choose your site name, for instance, John Does Blog, Lego lawyer associates etc.  Now choose an admin user name (Please remember, once you choose your admin username you cannot change it later). Similarly choose a password (you can change your password numerous times). After this step, the WordPress is installed on your website (For the fresh website, it make take for about 45 minutes to have access to the backend of your website) and use the admin username and password to login to your website or blog. The same login credentials will be sent to your email address you provided at the time of installing WordPress application. These are to be kept in secret because these are the username and password to get into the backend of your website or blog. The below images will clear your doubts.



Note: Take note of your WordPress login credentials and keep it somewhere safe. The username and password that you provided at the time of Installation of WordPress web application.

Step 6: Decide on the design and start blogging:

Congratulations Online – Buddy! I am very proud of you. And I appreciate your hard work. From here you are on your own Online – Buddy , just in case if you need a Free WordPress Premium Theme and the step – by – step instructions on how to design your blog or website, click here to download the theme and the Guide. Good Luck!

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