Should I Blog for Money?

I talk with bloggers every day who have heard to the tales of blog sites that make huge bucks and that desire to attempt to make earnings from blogging. Among the list of recommendations that I try to communicate (as well as I’m scared it does not constantly make it through) is that it’s worth stopping, prior to going out to put advertisements on your blog site, to ask on your own, whether earning money from your blog site is ideal for you.

While this might appear to be a foolish concern to some (just what’s incorrect with earning income?) I assume it’s worth a minimum of asking the inquiry.

Not every blog site is fit to blogging for money.

Does it Fit with Your Blog’s Goals and objectives– For me a great deal of the recommendations that I’ve given in this series of blogging for newbie’s boils down to exercising some objectives, approach and also vision for your blog site (I’ve composed thoroughly on strategic blogging right here so will not unload this currently). There are numerous reasons that individual’s blog and the motivation of money is simply among them. Right here’s several responses I had when I asked why people blog:


-‘ I blog for leisure purposes– to help me unwind’

-‘ I blog as component of my plan for global supremacy’

-‘ I blog to help me advertise my book/business’

-‘ I blog to maintain a document of the life as well as times of me’

-‘ I blog since I intend to help others’

-‘ I blog due to the fact that I’m lonesome as well as intend to get in touch with others’

-‘ I blog to grab charming girls/guys’

-‘ I blog since it’s enjoyable’

-‘ I blog due to the fact that I wish to build profile– I wish to be recognized’

-‘ I blog making a living’

Now there is absolutely nothing incorrect with blogging for greater than one factor– yet bloggers  taking into consideration including revenue streams to their blogs have to think about the opportunity that there are ramifications of entering that instructions that MIGHT affect their various other objectives.

Allow me to share some circumstances of actual situations that I’ve discovered (no names given) where placing advertisements on a blog had not been a smart idea. If I were a wagering male I would certainly state that they stand for the tale of lots of bloggers which others might include even more situations:



 Circumstance 1: Business Blogs– I remember one blogger who included contextual advertising and marketing to their Business Blogs (blog sites which had key objectives of advertising a company’s services and  solutions) just to discover that the advertisements that were offered to their blog sites were for various other organizations in their field that they were competing with. While they might obstruct a few of the advertisements they discovered that even more advertisements changed them. Ultimately they felt it was far better to get rid of the advertisements and maintain focus on themselves.

Circumstance 2: Reader Uproar– Another blogger that I have actually been speaking with lately informed me the story of the day she included impression based advertisements on her blog site and developed a mutiny amongst her visitors that were upset that if she gone that route. While on some blogs readers ownership are not extremely high, there are various other blog where for one factor or another that readers take great offence to bloggers transforming the policies midstream– particularly when it concerns advertisements. Relying on the neighborhood degrees and the method you present the advertisements you could wind up shedding audience and you should think about whether the advantages of the revenue will certainly surpass the prices of less readers.



“Not every blog site is fit to blogging for money.”



Circumstance 3: Money Obsession– Perhaps one of the saddest instances that comes to mind is of a bloggerr who had been running a moderately effective as well as interesting blog (I would not call him an A-lister however he had a little devoted following) who got attacked by the ‘money from blogging’ bug so severely that it finished up eliminating his blog. Inevitably he finished up erasing a great deal of his archives (the ones that had no revenue making capacity) as well as slapping so numerous advertisements into his blog  that it was tough to discover any kind of web content. He wound up just ever before composing on subjects that he believed were ‘income earners’. In doing so he shed the substantial bulk of his audience as well as wound up with a very inadequate blog site. Greed took control of.

Circumstance 4: Poor Conversion as well as Clutter– A variety of blog owners come to mind who have actually introduced that they are fed up with advertisements on their blog sites greatly since the reward has actually not deserved providing the room over to the advertisements. Advertisements do include an additional aspect of mess to your blog site and also if the conversion isn’t really adequate they could appear fairly meaningless. This differs from blogger to blogger and often boils down to the kind of advertisement picked and the subject that they are covering– yet it’s one of the major factors I see bloggers taken advertisements off their blog sites.



Circumstance 5: Reputation– My last instance is of a blogger who was blogging to develop his very own track record in a market. He had actually been blogging for a number of months as well as was gradually come to be much better understood (although had a means to go). When he began promoting affiliate products that he would certainly had no understanding of and which (he later on discovered out) were in fact tearing individuals off, this is the point where his problem or struggles began. In doing so he wound up doing the precise other to just what he would certainly laid out to do– he ruined his very own reputation.

I’m mindful that this post has a rather unfavorable tone to it and do not intend to disillusion visitors way too much. On the other hand of these stories  of bloggers who found that blogging for money is not the answer for every person are a lot more stories of bloggers that have actually discovered methods to supplement their revenue by means of blogging (as well as a couple of stories of bloggers  who now blog full-time).

It’s to these stories (as well as the approaches that these bloggers are making use of) that we’ll currently transform our focus next in this series.



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