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Planning to start your blog, then you must read this before you start one! Planning your blog is like walking to your work naked and starting a blog to earn some money without any planning is similar to each other. Starting a blog to earn some money without planning might start O.K. but it will definitely go sour quickly.

“Hey listen, my friend has started a blog and he is making thousands of dollars from his blog. I heard a lot about blogs and its money generating capabilities, I don’t know what a blog is, but I want to start one. TODAY!”

Please, that’s not going to work out! A blog requires planning. And the worst part is, starting a blog just for the sake of starting or having a blog. To start a blog, you need planning. It needs to be a part of your strategy, whether you are a hardcore ProBlogger or just starting out your FIRST BLOG or just a person like me, GETONLINEBUDDY! That is, in simple words, everyone needs to plan out first before starting a BLOG.

While planning your blog, you must think of the following questions (just a few, there are many question you need to consider) like, “What are the main goals of your BLOG?” “Who will write the blog posts?” “What will it contain or what is your blog about?” “How to maintain personal touches in your blogs?” or simply you must ask your neighbors who are blogging just like me! It all needs planning and it takes time to get these answers. (The answers might vary depending on the size, structure, type and culture of your blogging methods.) Read the following blog posts to kick start your blogging planning and eventually start a blog. Good Luck!

  • Blogs and the big picture: Begin at the end.
  • The three questions to answer when planning your blog: Planning is usually critical for success, and blogs are no different.
  • The who, how, what, where, and when of blogging: Don’t blunder into blogging.
  • Five – Plus tips to a better blog: Great content plus Meryl’s tips lead to winning blog.
  • Common mistakes professionals make with their blogs: Watch out for these!
  • Quarterly blog reviews and editorial calendar: Strategic Blogging.
  • Practical blogging: Habits of highly effective bloggers.
  • How to figure out the content dilemma: What am I going to write about?
  • Does your blog stink? Many business blogs could use some help.
  • Blogs and podcasts in the enterprise: Be skeptical, be analytical, and more quickly.


Making money is the ultimate goal of any business. Likewise, blogging is also directly or indirectly is about making money. For instance, blogs and podcasts are utilized to emerge as a thought leader and expert and to promote your business or promoting your affiliate links.

Yes, you can explicitly make money from blogging and podcasts activities by running one or two advertisements or selling your affiliate products. Some blogging business and podcasts are even startedwith the motive of producing profit rather than supporting the existing business. Some ProBlogger have reported that they earn more than $100,000 per year from their blogs and podcasts. We will see how they bringing is serious money in the form of advertisements and through affiliate links step – by – step.

Not all bloggers choose to make profit from their blogs and podcasts (I think this is something to be thankful for). However, in the event that you’re one that wants to make profit from your newly started blog then here are a couple tips and blog posts for you to begin with.

  • Can I make money blogging? It takes hard work and dedication.
  • Tips for AdSense and other Advertisements: Bigger advertising profits.
  • E-Commerce and blogs: E-commerce sites that add blogs report increased sales.
  • Shopping Carts for blogs [And other websites]: Shopping Carts that help sell.
  • Creating and selling information products from your blog: Blogging is all about information.
  • Andre, The splogger: How spam bloggers operate.
  • Blog Networks: Power in numbers.
  • Blogging for a Blog Network: How is it different?
  • Passion, persistence, and profit: Boston Sports Media Watch.
  • How to find your audience online for huge profits.

My suggestion to the new bloggers:

Start your blog from too basic. When my mentor who guided me on how to blog, started his blog by writing contents which is too basic like how to hold a camera etc. He took that risk and wrote the blog posts and you know what, it became his most popular blog posts in his genre. So, don’t hesitate to write a blog content thinking that it is too basic.

When it comes to writing a blog posts, the staggering truth about the sophistication of your target audience is that most of your sophisticated target audience may not know the basics. But we complicate things, thinking that this is too basic everyone knows how to do this and that but the truth is even in the most standard market like “COOKING” most of the readers doesn’tknow how to make perfect TEA and that’s the basics.

This, if you are planning to start a new blog, just begin with the basics, because it will lay foundation to your blogging practice. However, never abandon the basics.

You will experience that reader abandoning your blogs. Every blog feels that way too. But your new reader has to be taught for the first time – or simply they have to be taught in fresh way of the old basics.

To begin your writing after you reading this blog post, a must read 10 – step guide to writing killer blog posts.

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