The common mistakes that the professional bloggers do with their blogs


Every day there are hundreds of blogs are created and most of them are abandoned. Creating a blog isn’t a big deal, but you need to write blog articles and post them effectively. Based on the mistakes done by the professional bloggers are split into two major areas and they are;

  1. Content and
  2. Design


Many beginner bloggers don’t post often and irregular. Posting at least two or three times a day is the minimum recommendation to the new bloggers. And often the content isn’t focused because the target audience isn’t defined properly, this is because many bloggers don’t know whom to write the blog articles and don’t do extensive research on their target audience about what they like or where they tend spend more time etc.

Sometimes the blog articles will be too lengthy.  New bloggers have to split their content effectively, so that the readers don’t get bored to read the content. Include “Text Links” like “Click here to read more” etc. to other related blog posts where the readers might be interested to read.



The five common content mistakes that the bloggers make with their blogs:

  1. Your blog is not a sales tool:

Your blog isn’t a sales tool to drive sales to your own products or services and of you continuously continue to do this; you may not be able to retain your readers. Your blog should stand as a content marketing strategy to drive visitors to your blog, that is, your blog should stand as an educative to your readers in your field not more than that. By this way, it helps you to be an industry thought leader on the changes and the current events on your chosen niche.

But you can enhance your leads by posting interesting and thought provoking contents which might encourage your visitors to buy your products or services.

Your blog will act as a vehicle which helps you to bring sales indirectly. This is only possible, if you post good and interesting and informative content. SO blog to enhance your leads and don’t ever use your blog as sales tool.

  1. Listen to your audience:

Your content calendar is full and you have no time to interact with your readers or your audience other than writing and researching for your blog. This is a bad practice. Listen what your audience is talking about, understand what trend they are in, and most importantly you as a bloggers must find out what interests them to read. The best way to find what they are interested in is to follow them in social media networks. Your readers might be interacting with their friends or with other bloggers too, write a blog on one of the question they repeatedly ask. Your blog post must answer their question and that will fetch you more readers.

If you don not interact with your readers or your audience, you will lose credibility and ultimately you will be buried alive in the blogging business.

My suggestion to it, follow what your readers say to you by interacting with them in social media and as well as in your blogging comments.


“Why typically aren’t you giving you more website traffic, remarks, likes, shares? Why does everybody else make it appear so very easy to earn a living blog writing?”


  1. Make your content unique:

It would be nice to report or say something that nobody haven’t heard off but in the digital world, and that too with the bloggers dominating the internet, it is difficult to produce the freshest and unique content in your field or niche. But that shouldn’t bother you anymore.

Every day hundreds and hundreds of blog posts are written on how to travel to Paris because bloggers tend to write whenever there is hot and trending topic in internet world. These blogs are unique but definitely not fresh.

It doesn’t matter on what you write, but make sure you present it in a different manner and more pleasing to read manner. The content may be old but it should make the readers feel that it is unique and fresh and that’s possible when you infuse mores personal stories and creativity in your writing.

The best ways to do this is by finding a classic blog post in your niche and improve it with latest updates.

  1. Plan out your blog posts:

When I started to blog for the first time, I was not really cared about creating a new material for the readers or the visitors who visit my blog so it was irregular posts and content creation, in simple there was no plan in creating and posting the content in my blog.

But as soon as I took blogging seriously, I find it difficult to create and post articles in my blog. I felt pressure. So for the sake of posting, I would just hook up some content which sometimes be related to the field I was blogging and sometimes it won’t match at all. And thus I was not making any returns on it; it was total waste of time and energy.

This is because I was not putting enough research and thought on writing and creating a blog post – thus the blog suffered.

Since I did not getting the results, I was discouraged and one fine day I abandoned the blogging all together.

So, plan your blog post articles, decide on what to write and more over understand what your audiences want from you and blog on it. To get rid of the stress schedule your posts.

  1. Be you, do like you:

It is good to have role models. There are hundreds of bloggers out there and you may have someone who really influenced you to blog – your inspiration. It’s good to get inspired but being like them is not so good for your blogging business. The photocopy can never be a match the original. So be clear on what you want to achieve by blogging, get inspiration but don’t get carried away by your influencers – be you.

Get inspired but add your ideas to the content and make it distinctly uniquely you.



Blogs should be interactive. Readers must be allowed to leave comments on each blog post you post. It should be allow readers to subscribe to a newsletter and it should allow receiving the post or updates through an email. The blog should be able to allow your readers to access your categories and blog post archives. This all can be done only by a good blog design. There are numerous mistakes done by the beginner bloggers, here is the few common blog design mistakes that the beginner bloggers make;

  1. No order of writing:

One thing I noticed in the beginner bloggers is there is no order in their writing. Order of writing determines how you make your reader to tread your blog post that is, which items you want them to see first. I like to have 10 words main heading title and I repeat the main heading in the body of the content only once.

Similarly, I use “H1 tags” for the subheading in the content which helps the readers to scan your copy and understand easily what your blog article is all about. And use appropriate graphics like Images, videos or a podcast etc. and these should match your contents main message.

I have seen many beginner blogger’s blog has too many different fonts and trust me it can backfire you. It will not help you in creating loyal readers as they might think you are not a professional. So start with one font color and one font size and one font type.

Adding images, videos, podcasts and other media, helps the reader to come back for their future references and this helps to grow your loyal readers.

  1. Lack of visual balance:

Visual balance is one of the fundamental principles in blog design because it gives unity, order, and equilibrium throughout your blog layouts.  Many bloggers do not understand the importance of visual balance in their blog design as it visually “holds together” and makes the readers feel complete and harmonious. But this doesn’t mean that you should concentrate more on your visual balance and everything in your blog should be perfectly symmetrical but the visual balance in simple words it should be able to distribute the color, images, and other media equally across all your blog pages or posts.Sometimes without the visual balance in your blog, makes your blog look like inconsistent and unprofessional.

Usage of contrast colors helps in the order of writing. Usage of contrast colors can make your blog more legibility. And a mix of both bright and light colors will add more visual balance in your blog.

  1. Leave enough white space:

Leaving enough white space is like giving enough room to breathe around your content. Adding enough white space in your blog helps your readers to read or glance through very easily because your blog will not look like a cluttered webpages and will not leave your readers confused. Some bloggers use more images and graphics etc. on their blogs but by adding enough white space guides your reader’s eyes in one particular direction and looks elegant.  Designing your blog without lot of white space, makes your blog looks cluttered and doesn’t help communicate information effectively.

So add enough white space and give each portion of your blog room to breathe.

  1. Centered text alignment:

Never align large text in the center because it might cause hindrance to the legibility of your blog and can cause frustration to the readers who read your blog post.

  1. Add social media links:

If you are a blogger, then you must have known the importance of social media networks. Sometimes you might forget to add your social media links in your blog post while designing your blog. By adding these links like Twitter, Facebook, Google+ etc. not only helps you to promote your blog but also it helps the readers to find you more easily. So, adding social media links is more essential to consider while designing your blog.

Your blog will be lost in the blogging crowd if your blog design is not good. Even the most powerful content gets lost in the mix. By avoiding the most common blog design mistakes you can able to create more powerful content that looks beautiful and professional and more over a good design will provoke the reader to read even if they are not in the mood to read your blog article.

Again the common content and design mistakes are just few; I am sure there is lot like that, if you find such similar common mistakes that I did not include in here, you can leave it in the comment section below.



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