Three steps to write a Compelling about us page


Your About Us Page is among one of the most vital parts of your blog or website. It’s frequently among the starting points of your reader or visitor most likely to choose whether your blog or website deserves their time. Creating an excellent About Us Page is crucial.

  1. It’s actually not about you but it should be About Us Page:

Yeah. Your readers or visitors should get a picture that this page is about you and your company or crew.

While you are remarkable (talking about ups and down) the lower line is, a reader would like to know just what you need to provide them. The extremely initial component of your About Us Page should address this concern: What issues does my blog or website fix for my readers or visitors, or exactly what he or she will gain from reading it?

Do you provide suggestions on how to go about? Entertainment? Hope? Tips? Make it clear why they must return. And also make it clear without any delay, like within the very beginning sentences of your About Us Page.

It is the page that most of your readers will give more importance than your posts or pages. It is your About Us Page.


  1. Make your About Us Page sticky:

Show them what to read next as soon as you’ve mentioned why they need to read. Make use of the 2nd component of your About Us Page to give lots of options or leeway for your reader to dive in as well as experience your blog or website.

As bloggers, we must never ever miss out on a chance to connect to various other posts/pages on our blogs (this is called “internal linking”). Your About Us Page is one-time way to connect to all your posts or few of your posts inside. Select a few of your ideal or most preferred articles, include them efficiently right into the conversational tone of your About Us Page and link them!

They typically do so because they desire to know much more if a person lands on your About Us Page. Do not simply claim, “Hi, right here’s my life’s tale and experience. And end of the story.” Rather, provide them several chances to check out better.

“Your About Us Page represents you and your company or your crew.”

  1. Inform your reader about you in your About Us Page:

Prior to we speak about exactly what you need to claim, let’s speak about an “Image”. You definitely to y have your picture on your About Us page. Your readers should be able to recognize and trust you. Among the obstacles to this is to continue to be a secret.

Preferably you’ll weave your character throughout your About Us page. The trick right here is to share the component of your story that’s appropriate to your readers as well as appropriate to the subject of your blog or website.

Things like, where you graduated, what your favorite food is or where you grew up or who is your inspiration could offer a wonderful glance right into your personal life, yet placed these at the end of your About us page, specified briefly as well as succinctly. I did the same thing on my about page.

Obviously, these kinds of facts certainly need to be mentioned much more plainly if they are directly associated with the subject of your blog or website, or if they are of uncommon story lines on your about us page, like, “I was born and brought up on an Easter Island, and protected by a “Bengal tiger.” This would certainly be fascinating and captivating.


Are you all set to be the life of the event and draw in more customers?

Often simply a couple of tweaks to your About Us Page suffice to place the limelight on your readers. You could change a dull life background right into an important and valuable individual for drawing in customers when you need.

What adjustments will you make to get started? Do you have a preferred About Us Page to share, let me know in the comment section below? Thanks!

Or just go to the Twitter on located on the sidebar and tweet what you felt about this reading experience and I will join the conversation. Once again thanks for stopping by.

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